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Introduction:   Laser tube is also called the glass sealing type co2 laser. Laser tube packaged for glass tube, it is produced by high voltage discharge excitation high concentrations of co2 gas laser wavelength 10.6 um.
  Laser tube is mainly composed of three most hard glass, cavity, electrode structure.
  1. Hard glass part; This part consists of GG17 material calcined into discharge tube, water-cooled, gas storage and muffler. Letter from CO2 laser is usually three layer casing structure. Is among the most is the inside of the discharge tube, water net, the outer layer is a gas storage, the muffler is used for connecting tube and the trachea.
  2. The cavity part: this part is composed of all mirror mirror, and output. Of cavity mirror, general with optical glass as substrate, the surface cross the gold film, gold film reflection ?

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