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  Nantong i Lasdgfdr Tegfdhchnology Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise with independent intellectual property rights as its motive power. Its purpose is to develop and make industrial hundred watt (100W -500 ) CO2 laser products with its own patents and proprietary technologies to fill the gap of China’s laser product market, and to provide the core device hundred-watt CO2 laser product for SMEs with advanced laser processing technologies and equipment.

The company has a number of inventions, utility model patents and related know-hows generated after laser field’s long-term research and production process’s technical deposition; and is equipped with complete optical, mechanical, electrical and high vacuum equipment, production equipment and quality testing equipment.

The company has a powerful and well-constructed team. Seventy five percent of its R&D personnel have college degree or above, among whom, three have doctor degree and two are senior engineers and all of them have a higher theory level and rich R&D experience. In addition, its one financial administrator and two technicians have college degree and the rest have junior college degree. The knowledge level and practical production skills of its R&D personnel will ensure the company has a sustainable innovation capability and can carry out intellectual property-based product development and production. Meanwhile, its R&D personnel has specialized in the research of laser products and laser industrial application, with an extensive influence, which will help the company keep up with the international standards, and create well-known brands with fine products and services.

The debut of laser has triggered a series of revolutionary development in science and technology. It’s almost ubiquitous from science to industrial production and from military to civilian use. Following the developed countries, China is forming a laser-driven industry. Located near Nantong University Technology Park, the company will make full use of the university’s talents and technologies to recover the disappeared laser technology features of Nantong, build a fast growth enterprise with intellectual property rights in medium-power laser products and drive associated innovative enterprises with advanced laser products to form a laser industry at a certain scale.

We are willing to serve global research and production enterprises with our low/medium-power laser products and fine services.

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